Enterprise Data Networking Services


ACI provides leading technology in the network arena. With our professional consultants, our collective team of professionals in Project Management, Managing Consulting, Application Development, and Network Services provides an enormous advantage to our clients in the commercial & government space. A fully designed infrastructure and the networking of secured information gives our clients a competitive edge in selling their products and services to their customers. As for the Public Sector Arena, our Federal, State, and local governments receive secured premier networking services to assist and support each agency’s mission to streamline information to our citizens of the United States.

The following are the areas of service:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Infrastructure Architecture & Performance
  • Security
  • Enterprise Network Management
  • Staff Augmentation

Strategic Information Technology Planning

Strategic Information Technology Planning produces a high-level document outlining the current business environment, future business environment, a gap analysis of the business environment, and a “Road Map” with recommendations and timelines for designing and deploying infrastructure, management, and security to meet the future business requirements of the customer. Working in conjunction with the client’s key IT decision makers and stakeholders, our consultants develop a well-defined scope, with explicit stakeholder views, agreed-to principles of construction, and recommended actions for proceeding. Our Strategic Information Technology Planning provides the context to understand the interrelationships of the business and technical components of a solution designed to support a company’s business Infrastructure Architecture & Performance

Converged Network Readiness Assessment

Converged Network Readiness Assessment is a recommended prerequisite to customers who are considering the deployment of a converged voice and data network using solutions based multiple vendor products and solutions. Convergence is an emerging set of technologies that enables voice, data, and video collaboration over existing IP-based LANs, WANs, and the Internet. Specifically, Network Convergence allows users to move multimedia traffic over any network that uses IP. This offers users both flexibility in physical media, such as POTS lines, ADSL, ISDN, leased lines, coaxial cable, satellite, and twisted pair, and flexibility of the physical location. As a result, the same networks that carry Web, e-mail, and data traffic can be used to connect to individuals, businesses, schools, and governments worldwide.

Infrastructure Performance Assessment

Infrastructure Performance Assessment (IPA) is a key service designed to give insight into the current and future health of the client’s existing infrastructure. Our professional consultants recommend this service be performed before any large-scale infrastructure upgrades and/or deployments are made. Through the interviewing process and the use of on-site collection and analysis tools, our consultants construct a comprehensive view of the client’s network infrastructure. Further analysis of this data is conducted and the findings are delivered in a hardcopy report as well as a presentation to highlight any recommended actions.

AVVID Assessment

Our AVVID Assessment is design to focus on critical Client related issues when the deployment and integration of Cisco AVVID is being considered to converge voice on a Client’s existing data network. Our professional consultants recommend this service be performed before implementing AVVID infrastructure upgrades and/or deployments.

Wireless Technology Assessment

Wireless Technology Assessment is a key service designed to give insight into the future deployment of network infrastructure utilizing wireless technology. Our survey Representative will visit each location to gather geographical information, constructional issues, potential location for electronics, power requirements, mounting options, areas for grounding, and cabling requirements so that clients can identify the actual cost of wireless outside plant development. A site survey will include a computer-aided path model(s) that analyzes the radio frequency path between transmit and receive locations, including terrain, path length, and required antenna height to achieve RF line of sight. The information gathered in the field will be utilized to build a report outlining Additional Service Requirements, the Scope of Materials, Statement of Work, and Suggested Next Steps specific to your organization’s project. Once a Site Survey has been performed, we will provide pricing to cover all items within the project report. Some items may require further services before fixed pricing can be determined. These items might include soil surveys for tower erections, structural engineering, roof preparation, and other items that are not determined by the standard survey. Estimates will be provided in these, so your organization can decide if these additional services are within your anticipated budgets for wireless deployments.

Network Health Analysis

Network Health Analysis is used to assess network utilization patterns, protocol and misuse of network resources by identifying critical network elements and network segments. Many times, networks are installed and never analyzed to ensure highest performance level or new protocols are introduced without the knowledge of IT-Managers and network degradation goes unnoticed until critical data is lost. We can provide the right tools to analyze, benchmark, document and establish design recommendations to optimize your network resources. Security

Information Technology Vulnerability Assessment

Information Technology Vulnerability Assessment gives our client a total assessment of the security position computing devices, Intranet, Internet, and Extranet connected networks. Through the interviewing process, key systems are identified, as well as all connected devices, to determine priority of the testing to be preformed and to ensure the most cost effective methods are deployed. After collecting this data, our consultants determine the vulnerabilities within the client’s environment, which can potentially lead to a security compromise or exposure. With an understanding of these exposures and the potential harm or damage they can cause, our consultants will develop corrective actions and written recommendations reflecting the client’s business requirements to address “Industry Best Practices” security needs.

Penetration Testing

There is no disputing the facts… the number if hacking and intrusion incidents is increasing year in year as technology rolls out. Equally, there is no hiding place, you can be found through a variety of means: DNS, Name Server Lookup, NSlookup, Newsgroups, web site trawling, e-mail properties and so on. Whether the motivation is financial gain, espionage, political, intellectual challenge, or simply trouble making, you may be exposed to a variety of intruder threats. Penetration Testing will accurately identify external security vulnerabilities of network servers; firewalls and other IT devices that may allow unauthorized access. We will then report to you where the vulnerabilities exist degree of accessibility. With an understanding of these exposures and the potential harm or damage they can cause, our consultants will develop corrective actions and written recommendations reflecting the client’s business requirements to address their security needs.

Security Policies & Procedures

Security Policies & Procedures provides our clients documented best practice security policies and procedures to enable an your organization to implement quality information security programs necessary to manage the protection of information technology assets. Security Policies & Procedures service gives the client insight to valuable information from our industry professionals. This professional can provide an “outsider’s prospective” which often leads to quickly uncovering possible vulnerabilities within the current operations environment.

VPN & Firewall Technology Design

VPN and Firewall Technology Design produce a road map for secure technological architecture design based on an in-depth analysis of the client’s existing minimum-security baseline and technology infrastructure. A VPN and firewall technology design provides an organization with a scalable structure for comprehensive enterprise-wide security. The documentation defines what security policies are used, how they are configured, where they are located, and how they interact cohesively to provide the most productive and effective security posture.

Enterprise Network Management & Network Management Architecture

The decision making process about which network management strategy is to be utilized has been made, but now the client must think about how to manage and deploy the new network management architecture. We provide the necessary skills to assess and understand your current and proposed network management strategy for a successful deployment and integration of network management strategies. We have consultants experienced in designing and implementing Network Management such as HP OpenView, InfoVista, BMC Patrol, CiscoWorks, and Optivity Network Management System. Consultants use to tools from many vendors as well as freeware utilities like UCD-SNMP, PERL, and MULTI ROUTER TRAFFIC GRAPHER to extend the functionality of the NMS platform. Because we understand and can configure the network elements as well as the operating systems of the Network Management platforms, we can deliver a smooth transition between your current or non-existing systems to a new network management strategy.

Enterprise Management Architecture

With constant change in network and computing technology, businesses seek to understand the complexity in their environment. Without the right combination of tools and processes, management of this technology is incomplete. Many Enterprise Management solutions are too limited in scope and provide only point solutions. Integration of these solutions is necessary to manage your total environment. Also, business processes need to be aligned with this technology to ensure effective operation of these management tools. We provide the necessary skills to evaluate your environment, determine where the gaps are, and build a management architecture that provides proactive monitoring, advanced problem tracking, reporting and improved time-to-resolution. We have consultants experienced in analyzing business processes, procedures and technology that provide sound solutions reflecting your business requirements and “Industry Best Practices.”

HP OpenView Network Node Manager/CiscoWorks 2000 Integration

HP OpenView NNM /CiscoWorks 2000 Integration engagement provides for the implementation and basic configuration of HP OpenView NNM and CiscoWorks 2000 routed WAN management solution. The HP OpenView family of products offers one of the richest portfolios of Information Technology management solutions. HP OpenView NNM is the cornerstone and foundation of this solution, combined with CiscoWorks 2000 Resource Manager Essentials and Cisco Network Management Modules (NMM). Staff Augmentation

Project & Information Technology Staff Augmentation

Most organizations have situations arise where they require additional resources and/or special skills to complete a given project. We have a wealth of experience and technical expertise to help resolve these pressures and assist you with your special requirements. Our Consultants have information technology training and experience in a broad spectrum of fields, including telecommunications, healthcare, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, and government We can assist by providing expertise in the following areas:

  • Client specific IT requirements and/or projects
  • Converge Network Design
  • Technology Requirement Analysis & Assessment
  • Product Evaluation & Proof of Concept Testing
  • LAN, WAN, Remote Access, architecture, design and implementation
  • Network Addressing Design and Management
  • IT Security Policies Design, Implementation and Validation